Rounds 4 & 5: Julianna vs Chemo

Well I think we have found our groove in this new-parenting, back-to-work, chemo-every day new routine! Allan and I have a system of rotating night feedings and bottle cleaning that seems to be allowing us both time to rest up and enjoy our growing baby girl. Time seriously passes by way too fast. Looking back at pictures from just a couple months ago is giving me all kind of feels! Ali is just amazing! Everyone that meets her says the same thing; she has such a sweet spirit and old soul about her. She loves socializing and people watching. We go days without hearing her cry which is an added bonus. She is 5 months now and her first tooth broke through already, she started grabbing her toes and eating them, she got her ears pierced, sings herself to sleep, and has found her sweet giggle. We attended our first Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and they featured our story on their blog (, we dedicated her at church, she celebrated her first Thanksgiving and Christmas… it’s been action-packed to say the least! And now we’re gearing up for her first flight to California! We’re so excited to be able to travel once more.

Treatment has been going well, with the exception of the past few days. I thought I didn’t need the daily IV zofran and was doing good without it for a week then it hit me hard the day before Christmas Eve and is still toying with me. Thank you for your faithful prayers- please don’t stop now- I am praying this all goes away before our trip! Well this is my last week of my fifth round and February will be my last month on treatment; it’s so close I can taste it! I have been doing a lot of reflecting on this past year. To think a few months ago I spent a week in the ICU, needed help walking and showering, was learning to breathe on my own again, was down to skin and bones (plus my baby bump), got winded walking a short distance, was bald, gave birth, went back to work… 2016 was very bitter and extremely sweet. I am looking forward to 2017 being a year of celebration.

I continue to be humbled by how the Lord is using our journey… as I was typing this in treatment I heard a young girl next to me crying. As it turned out it was her first treatment after just having been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma at 22 years old. I asked the nurses if it would be okay for me to talk with her and they insisted saying she was very nervous. So I made my way over to her and she asked lots of questions, we prayed, hugged, and I left her with a smile and my phone number. Then, there was an encounter while Christmas shopping- one of the associates asked me about my picc line and I proceeded to tell her my story. Her eyes filled up with tears. Come to find out she an her husband have been battling infertility and she was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year. They were able to perform surgery and do radiation without chemo, however, she had just gone in the day before I met her for another biopsy of something suspect. Please keep Val and Vicky in your prayers as well. I know the Lord will continue using opportunities like these to encourage others through my journey. And He is so faithful that he will use you to tell my story to those hurting. My mom was grocery shopping with Ali when a lady stopped her to comment on Ali’s cuteness and my mom proceeded to tell her my story. Her eyes welled up as she explained she had just moved down to South Florida to care for her young daughter who was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer. So be prepared- the Lord will use you to speak hope into someone’s life- be obedient when you feel that nudge. It’s often very uncomfortable to initiate a conversation like that but you will be surprised at what the Lord does when you’re pushed out of your comfort zone.

I am overwhelmed by the continued prayers and outpouring of love. I keep running into people who have been faithfully praying for Little Bean and I without ever having met us. It moves me to tears to see all the support we have received. So, again, thank you. I am so grateful to have you in my army throughout this battle.

Here are some pictures from the past few months, enjoy!…



One thought on “Rounds 4 & 5: Julianna vs Chemo

  1. So glad you’re doing well overall! Amazing the people you cross paths with in life. While we were Christmas shopping at the mall, I waited outside and took a break in the hall while B went into a store alone. The woman I sat next to commented on C, so we started talking…she had had miscarriages as well, but then had twins (many years ago, she was an older woman). We talked about our struggles, and I told her about our IVF journey, and just talked about our babies. She seemed kinda lonely, and I think she was just happy to talk to someone, and then found a connection which made it really fulfilling for her. I’m just happy I could make her smile.
    Anyway…it’s been a crazy year for you guys, and I’m so happy that your chemo is coming to an end soon! Hang in there and stay strong. Give your little a squish from me…I still think about you guys constantly! Hope you have a fabulous new year!


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