Round 3: Julianna vs. Chemo & New Parenthood

Well, Round 3 was pretty uneventful which is fine by me! My treatments have changed since I’m not pregnant anymore; I am now being treated with Arsenic Trioxide (yeah, that “arsenic”!) and Tretinoin (ATRA). Instead of fours days of treatment like Rounds 1 & 2, treatment is every day (except weekends) a month on, a month off until February 2017. The schedule is very demanding, the days are long, and I miss Alianna every second I’m not with her! So I was REALLY looking forward to my month break…

My break started off great: I made it to CrossFit a couple times and was feeling great, I took some days to rest up and relax, went on date nights, then bang! my second week in I got shingles and shortly thereafter Little Bean came down with Bronchiolitis and Croup. It’s the most helpless feeling seeing your little one sick- although she was all smiles, it killed me to see her all stuffy and coughing. And then my break finished off with Hurricane Matthew preparations! …Sometimes you gotta laugh to maintain your sanity!


My poor baby =(

Parenthood is the best!! Sure it helps that she’s the easiest and cutest baby ever (I’m sure every parent boasts that but I’m serious! ha ha). She gives us 5-6 hours every night between feeds, she’s all smiles in the morning, we can go days without hearing her cry… yes, I know that can all change but I am enjoying every second of it now! She just turned 3 months on October 12th! She went for her first swim in the pool and was chilling until she got splashed in the face. She is vocal as ever, loves seeing herself in the mirror, and loves to smile. At close to 9 pounds, she is still in the less-than-10th-percentile for growth but that’s normal for our petite family! =)

Round 4 started this past Monday and it did not set a good tone. It started with getting my PICC line inserted again (which is routine). However, as I got wheeled into Intervention Radiology, the memories flooded back. The last time I was wheeled to that very spot was when I went for my first bone marrow biopsy and that same day I was diagnosed with Leukemia. It felt as though a lifetime had passed by since that moment; so much has changed since that day. Then, the nurse practitioner put the lidocaine in my bloodstream (which has epinephrine in it) and I had difficulty breathing, my heart was racing, and I was starting to black out. Thankfully, they observed me and I recovered. According to my other nurses, people can stop breathing when that happens as lidocaine in the bloodstream can be very dangerous. And the cherry on top was when another nurse forgot a very important part of my PICC line to prevent it from being pulled out of my arm so I had to get the dressing changed by another nurse which is very painful since I’m allergic to medical adhesive. I couldn’t wait to get home to my baby and my husband; I just wanted to be done with the whole thing already. Then, the day ended with a massive migraine. Thankfully, not every day is like that. This round seems to be off to a rough start as I haven’t been feeling as great as before.

Also, I started back at work this week! I am incredibly blessed to have a place of work that has supported me these past six months and that allows Alianna to come with me to work some days! This is definitely a transition period for us as we juggle work, parenthood, and every day treatments… Please continue lifting us up in those powerful prayers!

Psalm 54:4 “Behold, God is my helper; the Lord is the upholder of my life.”



Cutest co-worker ever!


5 thoughts on “Round 3: Julianna vs. Chemo & New Parenthood

  1. Sorry to hear that you’ve had some rough times recently. I love that you guys just dig deep and power through it all though, you always seem so unphased by everything!! Your little is so darn cute, and that’s awesome that your work lets you take her with you!! Do your Drs think that after February you will be completely done with the chemo, or is that just the plan for right now? I think about you every day, and have told your story to many friends. You’re such an inspiration!!! Hang in there, and give Alianna squishes from me!! (Oh and we have that same giraffe wub for Cadence!)

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