Bed rest…Boo…

Well, one thing is for sure, this Little Bean is going to be something fierce! …All of the opposition she’s had on her journey to us so far, but she keeps fighting to arrive safely.

So let me back up…

We had our 20 week anatomy scan 3 weeks ago…she’s perfect! She was putting on a little show for us and then the tech surprised us and said “Let’s see how she looks in 3D and 4D” and she grabbed the other wand…we were so amazed! We definitely were not expecting to see her in such detail! (We know places charge big bucks for those so we weren’t going to do one but, surprise!)

What a little miracle! I think she may have daddy’s chin and lips! img_0691

I was in a daze afterwards, Allan kept asking if I was okay because I seemed out of it. I just couldn’t believe I got to see her in such detail- I wasn’t prepared for that surprise!

Then we fast forward a week and half to last Tuesday, I used the bathroom in the morning and noticed some pink spotting that got heavier and red. Of course, that’s nothing you want to see in the second trimester. Thankfully, I had both doctors on text and was able to get in with my Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor’s office first. Gotta tell you, the wait in the waiting room seemed like an eternity. I could feel movement so I knew she was okay at the moment. Finally, they got us in and we had the same ultrasound tech as our 20-week scan. We told her what was going on and she comforted us as she performed various tests. Thankfully my cervix was closed and then she moved on to Little Bean where we saw her moving and she had a strong heartbeat. Tears of joy flowed from our eyes! Everything looked great! Then, we waited for our consult with one of the doctors (since mine was out of town). She was really sweet and said the ultrasound looked great, and while spotting is “common” it is not “normal” so we need to monitor it. She went on to say that she is concerned about my severe anemia (hemoglobin level is 7.8, yikes!). It may be B12 deficient anemia since my other levels (MCV, RDW, etc) are elevated. So they’re sending me to a hematologist to see what’s going on.

Other good news is the the medicine for the ICP liver disorder seems to be doing it’s job; it’s brought down all my liver and bile acid numbers! I’m meeting with the MFM next week to discuss our continued plan of action.

Well, this brings us to yesterday… I went to the bathroom mid-day and noticed light brown spotting. So I called my OB & MFM doctors both of which are out of town- but were still so helpful. They put me on bed rest and sent me for more blood work yesterday. My OB is also sending me for a fetal fibronectin test next week since preterm labor is a side effect of ICP and she’s also considering giving me steroid shots to allow Little Bean’s lungs to mature faster. She says we need to be as preventative as possible since this is a critical time in pregnancy. I am very grateful for a doctor that is proactive!

So please continue to keep us girls in your prayers- it’s been quite the eventful pregnancy thus far but I count my blessings with each of her tosses and turns I feel. God will be glorified through the ups and downs- I can’t wait to meet this little world changer!

Xoxo, Julianna


5 thoughts on “Bed rest…Boo…

  1. Oh my goodness. I’ll definitely be praying for you. How sweet is that picture of your baby, though? So perfectly formed! What a treat! Now we just need to pray for healing to take place in your body so that you can get off of bed rest and go to full term!

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