The Break

((Exhale)) Can I please tell you how nice it is to not be tracking my cycle everyday, or what I’m eating (or not eating), or how much weight I’m lifting, or if the product I’m about to use is pregnancy safe, or not having to time sex to an exact science?! …Cause it is REALLY nice!! Our vacation was so amazing and so very needed! We went to St. Augustine, North Carolina, and Savannah- we hiked, climbed, mountain-biked, went to a winery, took a horse & carriage tour, watched a movie every night, and ate a WHOLE lot! Two weeks with no phone reception and no internet! We spent a few days with friends and family and the rest was spent with just the two of us! We enjoyed that time so much and now that we’re back we are really missing that alone time together. Our 7th anniversary was the day after we got back from vacation so we had some fun on our own terf!:    It’s been really nice to just take a step back from it all and gain a new perspective. Our journey through infertility began in a stressful circumstance. It was a time that we weren’t planning on “trying” yet but was told by multiple doctors that if we ever wanted kids that we would have to start trying right away. So from the beginning there was stress and every month seemed like we were being handed an infertility sentence. But now, I’m journeying through relieving myself of the expectations and stressors. Of course it would have been very cool to say that we got pregnant the first month of being stress-free but my body is telling me a different story and that’s okay. I have no idea what lies ahead or when my next visit with the RE will be (or if there will be one), but I do know that we are supposed to be here, in this place, right now.


We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love. Romans 5:3-5


12 thoughts on “The Break

  1. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been!! I’m so happy to see that you’ve given yourself some time to enjoy life and relax, and not be stressed every minute of every day. Wherever you guys decide to go from here, I wish you the best of luck with everything!! Are you going to continue to blog? Or are you going to take a break from that as well?

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  2. It sounds like you had a really good trip and I’m kinda jealous…hehe! And I agree with ya on the whole not worrying or charting or timing or etc being so nice of a break. I am on that kind of break and it has really been great. I haven’t charted or timed in almost two years and I’m okay with it. It was only stressing me out more :/ I do try and watch my diet still because of PCOS but I don’t stress about it. If I want pizza…I go ahead and have a slice. But maybe try to eat a better lunch the next day. Anyway, it was great to hear from you and your videos were so cute!

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      • Love that!! I have a support group at my house once a month and each month I give something away. This month I gave away a garden flag that said…”Let your faith in God be bigger than your fear.” And I just loved it!

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