You are not alone!

Allan and I suffered in silence for 3.5 years before realizing that we had nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of! We eventually decided not to be silenced by the stigma of infertility anymore so we created our vlog in October 2014 as a way to break our silence. We are so grateful that we took that step; now individuals across the world- from Taiwan to Zimbabwe, from India to the Philippines- have come to know that they too are not alone. We want to be a beacon of hope for you throughout your unique journey. We’ve heard the insensitive comments from others, we’ve sat through countless consultations, we’ve spent a lot of time and money trying to have a better success rate with each passing month, we’ve been through every test imaginable, we’ve told our places of employment about our struggle (check that out here), we’ve asked many questions, and shed many tears. And we are here for you.

While we’ve tried the “natural” way, the “IUI” way, and the “oh we’re really not trying but still trying” way; there are many other “ways” of achieving the family you so desire such as adoption, embryo adoption, surrogacy, IVF, donor sperm, and more. To find out more information about your different options, visit And again, we are here for you; you are not alone.

What is infertility?:

Infertility is a disease that affects 1 in 8 couples of reproductive age. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, you should seek the care of a specialist if you are unable to achieve pregnancy after 12 months of unprotected intercourse and the women is under the age of 35, six months if the women is more than 35 years of age. You should also seek the care of a specialist if you have had more than one miscarriage.

What is National Infertility Awareness Week?

Feel free to share our vlog on your social media pages, you never know who the “1 in 8” is that’s surrounding you in silence.


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