This is 30.

On April 4th I ended the third decade of my life and journeyed into the fourth decade. 🙈 Yeah I turned the big 3-0. It is with excitement and reluctance that I accept the fact that I am 30. I, of course, had different expectations and milestones for thirty… By now I “should” have 2 kids and very little sleep- instead, we have 2 houses, 2 SUVs, three empty bedrooms, a very quiet non-child-proof house, 2 amazing careers we’ve always wanted, lots of date nights, many memories of traveling all over the world,  and the ability to do what we want when we want. I love my life and I know I’m EXTREMELY blessed and so grateful for that.

There’s a season for everything. Our results of IUI #2 came back this week, and it looks like we’re still in the season of “just the two of us (plus our min pin Diesel!)”. The negative pregnancy tests and blood work were still hard to accept but a lot more bearable than last month. We were discussing if we would do a third round of IUI. Even though these past two months have been rough, I had three months already set in my mind so I feel like I still have fight left in me! I don’t want to get taken out of the fight early- I’m ready for a Round 3 Knockout! (Cue Rocky music) So we’ve decided to give it one more month.

And since I’m not pregnant right now, we went up to Tampa to visit my sister and brother-in-law for the weekend. We went to Adventure Island and I was able to ride the crazy slides- we had a great time with the family! 

… So IUI #3, get ready here we come! 👊



6 thoughts on “This is 30.

  1. Happy birthday, a few days late! I’m sorry #2 didn’t work for you guys, but I’m glad you’re going to keep going. Someone mentioned on their blog the other day that the more IUIs you do, the greater chance you have of it working each time. I hope that’s true! Good luck with #3!

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  2. Happy 30th! So sorry to hear about IUI#2. My fingers are crossed for #3! There are a few people that I’ve followed along the way that got pregnant after their 4th or 5th IUI, but I am pretty sure they all had insurance that covered up to 6 of them. I did not have that insurance! Good luck!

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