Please Help!!! …Injections/IUI related…

I just spoke to my doctor’s office about possibilities for IUI #3… I have been on Letrozole and Ovidrel these past two cycles without success so for the third cycle he’s giving us the option of doing injections (I’m assuming gonadotropin but I’m not sure which one) or clomid (instead of Letrozole). Have you ladies (or anyone you know) have any success or experience using injections with IUI? Injections are A LOT more expensive and I’m wondering if any of you can shed any light?

Thank you!! Xoxo Julianna

30 thoughts on “Please Help!!! …Injections/IUI related…

  1. Well…I did clomid and letrozole for three years and was finally successful on my first cycle with gonal-f, so I’m a fan personally. They’re A LOT more expensive, but if you go with gonal-f look into the compassionate care program. We got ours for 50% off and approval was super easy and very fast. Less than two days if I remember correctly.

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  2. I am currently 9 dpiui with injectables. It’s a lot different and a lot pricier. I tested out my trigger and got negative yesterday so i will start testing tomorrow to saturday. I will be updating tomorrow about the whole cycle since I haven’t been on much blogging of my own.

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  3. I am sorry to hear that you are faced with this decision, but I wanted to encourage you to try injections. We did our first IUI with femara (letrozol), our second with Bravelle and femara, and our third with Bravelle and femara again – all with ovidrel. All three resulted in at least one good follicle going into ovulation (two both of the times we used Bravelle, and there was no good explanation why it did not work, but it is very good to know my body responded well to them. Knowing how your body responds will help you if, in the future, you do an IVF (which we are currently doing — hopefully you will have a baby instead!). Our insurance did not cover them at all, but they were not as bad as I had expected. Werecently used Freedom Pharmacy, but you can call multiple pharmacies to compare pricing also. Good luck; praying for you!

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