IUI #2 (Past due!)


Sorry it took me so long to write this! But you’ll be happy to know: I gave myself the Ovidrel injection like a big girl! I waited till Allan got home so I could show him how brave I am…well it backfired a bit! I was napping until he got home so I woke up and hurried to give it to myself so I was still a little dazed. I prepared the injection site, administered the shot then I started feeling pretty light-headed so I had to lay down for a few minutes- small price to pay for trying to show off to the hubby… He was impressed! LOL

I went for another ultrasound last Tuesday (CD 10) and I had two follicles measuring: 22mm and 15mm. My blood work came back and Estradiol was 252, Progesterone was .5 so I gave myself the shot that night and went in for the IUI on Thursday (CD 12). So I laid down on the table in the stirrups as they prepped everything. Allan stood by my side and held my hand. HOWEVER, as they were beginning the procedure, Allan inquisitively asks, “Can I watch?” I was SHOCKED and couldn’t stop laughing!! This is the same guy that says he doesn’t think he could “be down there” when I give birth for fear of being traumatized. Yet there he was watching the whole process as she gave him a play by play of what she was doing! And as it turns out yet again, my body had already released the follicle(s) so we only had to do one IUI and have “relations” (more fun, less money!). This time the IUI was a little crampy for about 30 seconds then afterwards I was fine!

It’s been a week and I have felt fine (just tired some). My pain from the pulled “O-ligament” has subsided- woohoo! I haven’t been obsessing over any pregnancy symptoms or feelings- in fact I find myself not even thinking much about it at all. My attitude has been more of “if it happens, it happens”. And I think my body is adjusting better to the hormones this month- praise God!

So we still have another week to wait before testing and I hope it goes by as fast as this past week because I am excited to find out the results. And NO I will not be testing early- I have learned my lesson! I even cleared my house of pregnancy tests for now! Your prayers are much appreciated!

If you like this post, feel free to share it on your social media and with friends- you never know who is suffering in silence. 

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