The Aftershock

As we gear up for IUI #2 this week, we are cautiously optimistic (and by that I mean we are optimistic and we’re not going to test early! I will try my best to ignore “early signs” of pregnancy). We have finally taken the time to grieve and process the disappointment from last month. However, there was a bit of a set back last week which added a lot of stress to the start of IUI Month #2… Last Monday I went in for the month’s initial ultrasound. During the ultrasound, the nurses were having a hard time finding my right ovary. So they took turns trying to find it. At one point I felt a sharp pain (which I’ve felt before during an ultrasound but this time it was different). Afterwards I started getting cramps that wouldn’t go away so I figured that the ultrasound just triggered a muscle spasm or something. That night I did a light workout and later on I was in a lot of pain that kept me up the majority of the night. The next day my doctor was in surgery all day so they told me to go to the ER if the pain got worse (well my copay is $600 for the ER so I told Allan unless I was passing out I was not going to the ER!). To make a long story short, I went for acupuncture that day, the next day I went to another doctor to see if I had a UTI (which could explain some of the pain), they took a culture and gave me antibiotics to start taking until we received the results. Friday I got a call saying the culture was negative for UTI so I could stop taking the antibiotics. However, I was still having lower right abdomen pain and right lower back pain. So my doctor (REI) told me to go in so he could examine me. His conclusion is that during the ultrasound on Monday, my “O ligament” was pulled… basically that pulled all of the muscles on the right side since that ligament is attached to all the muscles “down there”. Although, the pain is getting more tolerable it’s still extremely annoying and uncomfortable… has anyone else had this happen to them?!

Well good news is he said my body is responding well to the Letrozole and my ovaries look good, so the IUI process continues despite the pain. This weekend we relaxed a lot: went to the movies, the pool (had to leave early though because one of the fertility meds was giving me red blotchy spots all over from the sun!), went for massages (heck yes!), took naps, BBQ’d with friends… it was nice!

While dealing with the aftershock, I came across Psalm 40 and some keys verses stuck out to me: “I waited patiently for the Lord to help me,  and he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the pit of despair,”…”He has given me a new song to sing, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see what he has done and be amazed. They will put their trust in the Lord.” THIS is my desire! I want all who read these posts to know that as dark as times become, I have hope. He is my rescuer, He is good, He gives me things to praise about, He does the impossible. As difficult as the past 4 years have been at times, if just one person reading this vlog finds hope and comes to know Jesus as their Savior and understands the love He has for them- then, it’s all worth it… all of it. You see, His plans are SO much greater than anything I could ask or imagine. He knows what He is doing and He knows His timing. This aftershock has left me in the same place I began- total surrender.


9 thoughts on “The Aftershock

  1. Sorry that your ligament went crazy, but glad that everything else is looking good. I couldn’t stop thinking about you today on my way home from work, and was wishing I had an email address or something for you lol! We just had our IUI Saturday, and I can’t stop thinking about how things went for you last month, and the lack of info your Dr gave you. I hope this month goes so much better for you…think positive!!

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    • Thank you!! Yes, this month we are very equipped with info! lol Our doctor authorizes the IUI plan from day to day but he doesn’t do the ultrasounds or actual procedure so this month I asked for the nurse that does the IUI to do my ultrasounds (they said typically that’s how it’s done but the IVF nurses had to do my ultrasounds last month because something came up with the IUI nurse). So I feel much more organized this month! Oh my goodness, feel free to contact me whenever: We’re IUI buddies this month, tonight I give myself the Ovidrel shot! …And you are brave for wanting to test everyday to see shifts in the HcG- analyzing that second line everyday would drive me crazy! I can’t wait to see more updates from you. Praying you through this two week wait! xoxo

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      • Thank you!! Someone else triggered and then had their IUI the same days as me, I just can’t remember right this minute who it was! We’re all in this together, and I’m beyond thankful to have you ladies!! I may shoot you an email in the next few days 🙂

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  2. I love this passage of scripture! And so need it today. Another negative pregnancy test for me this week, too. I kinda wanted to throw it through a winder and shatter something. It just hit me so dang HARD this time. I’m praying for a baby for both of us…for an easy and successful IUI for you guys this month. And above all, for God’s Word to come to pass for us.

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