Week #1 of Our New Journey

We are gearing up for a doctor-appointments-filled week… this is insemination week!! This past week I began Letrozole …ick! Thank the Lord I only had to take it for 5 days! The day after beginning I had horrible back pain (so much that I was doubled over and sweating) I was afraid of kidney stones until I looked up the possible side effects of Letrozole (I typically don’t look up side effects of a medicine until I start to feel “not myself”). Sure enough, back pain was first on the list! As I glanced down the list I was thankful that I didn’t have the nausea and abdominal problems… that was till the past couple days; my stomach has been an upset mess and I feel so bloated! But hey this is a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things!

Also, our IUI nurse spoke to our RE about testing my prolactin levels again since I’m half way through the pituitary adenoma treatment (I can’t believe it’s been three months already!). He approved and so I showed up to the blood lab at 6:30am (you can read my previous blood lab happenings here and here) . BUT before I went this time, I came up with a plan since it was in the 30s that morning and I didn’t want to wait out in the cold for 30 minutes till they open (for us South Floridians the 30s is equivalent to 10 below!). So I showed up at 6:30am equipped with paper, tape, and a pen. I was the first there, I taped the paper to the door and attached the pen so people could sign in then go back to sit in their heated cars! Everyone complied and expressed their appreciation. Once they opened the doors, we all signed in according to the order in which we all showed up… Worked like a charm! We should get the prolactin level results this week to see how my body is responding to the tumor treatment.

Please keep us in your prayers as we are looking forward to INSEMINATION WEEK!



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