The Great Unknown

While sitting in church yesterday, I realized this is our last week as we know “it”! …Our two-week wait is up at the end of this week- which means one of two things: either we’ll find out we’re pregnant and can avoid fertility treatments (and the added expense) or we will venture into the deep waters of fertility treatments. I am excited and of course nervous but doing my best to be brave! There’s so much more added expectations with fertility treatments (as mentioned in this previous post).

It’s kind of like we’ll get “re-categorized” or we’ll get a new label by the end of this week. We’ll either be called “expectant parents” (which, by faith, I always believe we are) or “the couple going through IUI/fertility treatments”. For the past 3.5 years we’ve just been “the couple who’s had a lot of fun ‘trying’ to get pregnant” …but now we’re upping the ante. None of these labels define us but I think they all have different implications. For example, there’s a stigma attached to babies that are conceived through fertility treatments. Does society really believe that a baby is less of a human if God spoke life into his/her body in a petri dish of a fertility lab or at the end of a “turkey baster” in the doctors office? I certainly don’t and whichever means God chooses, we will own with pride and honor.

So whatever our label may be at the end of this week, we know our faith, hope, and trust lie in the hands of the only One who has a say in our identity.



6 thoughts on “The Great Unknown

  1. Hi Juli, I was thinking about you the other day, I wanted to let you know that you are on my prayers, and I wanted to thank you for continue to share this journey with us, you are so brave!! I know God has an amazing purpose with all this process. I send you a big hug and all my support through prayers. God bless you and Alan.

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