The RESULTS are in…

FINALLY, after not-so-patiently-waiting, I received the call from my doctor. He explained that the Brain MRI was normal (no tumors appeared) however since my blood work indicated the presence of a tumor (twice) he still wants me to continue with the Bromocriptine treatment (this will dissolve the tumor and baseline my prolactin) for six months since the tumor may be too small for the MRI to pick it up (keep in mind they’re looking for a small abnormality on something that is the size of a pea in the middle of my brain). So praise God that there was nothing “big enough” to show up on the MRI!

The humorous part of all of this is that as I was researching Bromocriptine and talking with people who have had or know someone who’s had the same tumor, I realized that ALL five people I know who’ve had the same tumor and treatment (Bromocriptine) have fraternal twins!! Coincidence? …I think not (although science will say it’s a coincidence, the testimonies say it’s a common occurrence). All that to say, Allan and I have changed our prayers a bit. Once we realized the chance for multiples, we spoke to others with multiples and now have a desire to have twins! Of course we will be more than happy with whatever the Lord grants us, but now we’re super excited about the possibility of twins! We have chosen to hold off on IUI for a little bit to get my body used to the Bromocriptine treatment so stay tuned for newer developments! I began the treatment two days ago and so far I’m just a little more tired than normal and get little moments of nausea/light-headedness (this is normal as my body acclimates to it). I also had a friend tell me about Geritol; supposedly “there’s a baby at the end of every bottle of Geritol”. It worked for her and plenty of others (it’s an old wives tale) so I figured I would give it a try– It’s only Iron and Vitamin B– it can’t hurt (although it does taste gross!)!

While awaiting the results, we went to Chicago for a six day impromptu winter getaway and had an amazing time! We went to museums, went on a quest to find the best deep dish pizza (Giordano’s is the winner), ate at RPM Italian and other amazing restaurants (like Tanta, Lyfe Kitchen, and Beatrix), visited Hancock and Skydeck, saw a comedy show at Second City, visited friends, and went ice skating in Millennia Park! It even snowed while we were there but by the last day it reached a “feels like” temperature of -4 and we were ready to get back to sunny South Florida! Like we said before, we’re taking advantage and enjoying our time together before our family grows!



Confession: Another two-week-wait has come to an end… this makes the 43rd month and the 43rd negative pregnancy test… Maybe next month!

Comment below if you’ve heard about Geritol or know someone who’s used Bromocriptine- I’d love to know!!


8 thoughts on “The RESULTS are in…

  1. Julie I have no doubt that you and Alan will be parents one day! Like you said it is all in Gods timing. Let this time bring u knowledge and make ur relationship with each other and God be stronger than ever. You are in my prayers!! Keep up the positive attitude, I can’t imagine how many women this blog will help. Love u both!


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