What could stand against?

Romans 8:31 What shall we say about such wonderful things as these? If God is for us, who can ever be against us?

So last week was a pretty stressful week… my insurance has been battling to cover the necessary MRI for my brain- first I’m told because my doctor is out of network (he’s not) then I’m told the coding is wrong (it was). Oh and then there’s the $4,500 bill we got in the mail for all those lovely 20+ blood tests I had done (again coded wrong). And the cherry on top- another bill came for $1,900 for Allan’s four blood tests (we’re still trying to figure out this one). But amongst all the chaos came a ray of sunshine!… We all know how difficult insurance companies can be so as the phone rang I prayed that someone on the other end would be understanding and helpful. Well what I received exceeded my expectations! An amazing young lady named Nicole answered and we spent over an hour on the phone. That might sound torturous but it was the best time I’ve ever spent on the phone with an insurance company! Nicole kept me on hold while she figured it all out; she called the doctor’s office, authorization department, imaging center, and blood lab. She accomplished in an hour what would’ve taken me a week to complete! I was SO grateful (and of course asked to speak to her supervisor to give her props). After I hung up with her, I called the imaging center right away to schedule my appointment…for the second time. So we scheduled the MRI for today at 3:00pm. Oh but then I got a call yesterday that we had to reschedule (for the third time) since the radiologist is out sick this week… So, tentatively, it is scheduled for next Tuesday!

Therefore, we haven’t started IUI or made any more moves on that since we’re waiting for the MRI. I totally believe everything happens for a reason; I just wonder what He’s up to…


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