Name Calling

“Where do faith and fertility treatments intersect?” This is a question we wrestled with for awhile and rightfully so. There are great God-fearing couples that used fertility treatments and were successful, and there are other couples that refused that route and in the end conceived as well. No matter which way you get there, the creation of life is a miracle and nothing less than an act of God. No life can begin until the Lord breathes life into it. No one who has ever been created has slid past our Creator- regardless of scientific intervention or not. I know some people are weary of names or labels. But there’s a difference between labeling and identifying with- you will never here me say “I am infertile” (because I truly believe I am not) however, I will say that I am reproductively challenged. The latter allows me to seek out treatment while still knowing that if God is  for me, NOTHING can stand against me; no “challenge” will overcome me!

So when you see me write of tumors, infertility, anxiety, sorrow- don’t cringe- know that those are just names. And know that, while scary in the moment, I am confident that I serve a Name that is HIGHER than ANY other name (Philippians 2:9)! -My Father’s ways are HIGHER and His plan is GREATER.

Update on MRI: I received a call today from the MRI facility to let me know that the MRI machine is not working thus my appointment for tomorrow has been cancelled… gotta keep rolling with it! Please continue your prayers!

Confession: When I hung up the phone with the MRI facility I smiled, glanced up, and chuckled, “What are You up to?”.


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