Sometimes you just gotta laugh…

Why do I have two different bandages on two arms?…

This is a follow up from my post yesterday so if you haven’t seen that one- check it out here! I woke up before there was light out, threw myself into the bathroom- the toilet got clogged (this is where I should’ve went back to bed!) and managed to make it to the blood lab by 6:30am (Confession: I slept in my clothes to wear in the morning! Ha ha). I was already the SEVENTH person in line! Mind you, the place doesn’t open until 7:00am! So anyway I wait and wait they finally call me back only to tell me that they don’t perform one of the two tests there (anti-sperm antibody). I told her that I was there last week and they drew blood for the anti-sperm antibody along with 24 other tests. She apologized and said someone should have told me that they don’t do that test but that she was going to draw blood for my prolactin. I began to panic because I need my results for my BIG appointment on Monday and my insurance only covers that lab but they don’t perform the test need!

She stuck my right arm, bandaged me up, and sent me on my way… across the street to the other diagnostic lab. Of course I had to sign in and wait my turn again to see if they performed the anti-sperm antibody (remember I’ve been fasting since the night before). Alas they perform that test! And (supposedly) my insurance is accepted by them too. So I explained how my appointment is on Monday and he said “Oh no, this test is sent to California. There’s no way they’ll have it by Monday morning.” UGH! Well I was there and I had to get it done one way or another! So I waited more and my name was finally called- by the youngest phlebotomist working there. She was so sweet bless her heart. I told her my spiel about my rolling veins- typically at this point the phlebotomist walks out and comes back in with the most experience phlebotomist. Well that didn’t happen- with determination she stuck my left arm and came up with nothing- stupid vein. I didn’t dare look though to see what was going on. I just kept my head turned and said, “Do you have it yet?” I could feel her fishing around, ‘Nope.’ “How about now?” I could feel more pressure. ‘Not yet, almost.’ …’Ok got it!’ And then she bandaged me up and I was done!

I got into my car, looked down at my arms and just laughed… what else was there to do?!

I get home, make Allan’s birthday breakfast since by this point I was lightheaded and starving, then I went to wake Allan up for his birthday. He sat up half-asleep looked at my right arm’s bandage and said with pity, “Awwww”. Then, I pointed to my left arm’s bandage to which he replied, “Ohhhh no”. Yeah, he knows my affinity for needles.

Later on I called my doctors office to tell them that we won’t have the anti-sperm antibody results by Monday. The assistant said the prolactin was the most important test so we could still discuss all the other results and make up a game plan without the anti-sperm antibody results. Hooray! Monday can’t come soon enough-I am excited to finally get an action plan! Or so I hope….


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