Feeling like a Pin Cushion…Cycle Day 3 Blood Work

As the doctor ordered, I went for my Cycle Day 3 Blood Work but this time they would need to run 25 tests- translated, this means A LOT of vials of blood! Since I had to wait for my cycle to start (remember the dreaded two-week-wait from my last post) I didn’t have an opportunity to make an appointment because they were completely booked for the next two weeks. I talked to a customer service representative from the lab company and he suggested we arrive at 6:45am so we can be the first in line when the doors open at 7:00am. I am SO not a morning person but add on top of that- I had to fast and get pricked?! So we show up at 6:47am and there’s already 14 people in line! Needless to say we were waiting for a couple hours- fasted. (Allan took one for the team and fasted as well even though his blood work didn’t require him to… misery loves company- thanks babe!) Finally, our names were called and we got seated in rooms across from each other. This gave us a quick second to snap the two pictures below!

My lab technician came in and I gave her my usual spiel, “I was told to always let people know that I have rolling veins but I drank a lot of water today to help!” I went on to tell her about our journey to getting pregnant and we joked about how many vials she needed to take. I had my head turned the whole time while Allan watched and made faces at me.  She finished and I looked down to see only seven vials in the basket and I exclaimed, “Oh that’s it?!” At that moment she grabbed another two fistfuls and dropped them in the basket… “Oh!” As I got up she turned to me and told me she looks forward to seeing me again to which I bantered- “No way, I hope to never see you again!” then she reminded me that I would have to come back for blood work once I’m pregnant. She smiled and gave me a big hug and said, “I will be seeing you soon, God bless!”

I love when the Lord puts people like that in my path- they’re like little rays of sunshine!

—–Aaaaaand more needles (recent update 10/8/2014)….

Ugh, a phone call I received a few hours ago means more blood work…watch the video to find out what the issue is now:

1 Thessalonians 5:11 “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up…”

Confession: I used to be THE biggest wimp when it came to needles but in these past 3.5 years I’ve learned to put my big girl panties on- I had no choice!

COMMENT below and tell me about your lab experiences!

2 thoughts on “Feeling like a Pin Cushion…Cycle Day 3 Blood Work

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