Our 41st Two-Week-Wait…could it be?

Photo Oct 02, 5 20 28 PM

Oh the dreaded and much anticipated two-week-wait has come to an end…again…for the 41st time. I try to remain positive with my chin up- but it’s hard because your mind plays tricks on you- “could this be THE month?” – and so you spend two weeks trying not to get your hopes up. Then you start craving chocolate and an ugly zit surfaces but you again dismiss it- thinking “PMS symptoms are so similar to pregnancy symptoms- there’s still a possibility!” And so you hold off peeing on a stick because you don’t want to do it too early- wouldn’t want to get a false negative. So you wait…and wait…THEN…one stupid pink stripe.

This month, this one pink stripe means I have to go for the dreaded 15+ vials of blood work on Cycle Day 3…

Confession: I take a pregnancy test every month. Since I have painful cramps on Cycle Day 1 I want to make sure I’m not pregnant before I take an Aleve or Ibuprofen since studies have shown that doing so during early pregnancy puts the baby at higher risk of ADHD and other mental health disorders.

COMMENT below and let me know what you do during your two-week-wait!


2 thoughts on “Our 41st Two-Week-Wait…could it be?

  1. I go crazy! Well not the whole time lol. The first week isn’t bad since it’s way to early for testing. The second week drags and I go crazy. Now that I am working on the birth record for my nephew I should be able to keep myself sane.

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